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“Now You Can Get Excellent Big Band Charts By Top Writers From Anywhere in the World – For Less Than $20 bucks.

Listen to the charts, view the scores…and don’t leave before you’ve picked up the free big band chart, a $40 value.”

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I’m Jim Martin and I’ve been writing for big bands for over 25 years. You may have run across a few of my big band charts in a school or pro band somewhere. Rob Parton and his Jazz Tech Big Band from Chicago have recorded over a dozen of them on four separate CD’s.

From this website, you’ll be able to get high-quality big band, combo and other assorted goodies delivered directly to your computer in pdf format – from anywhere in the world – for less than $20 bucks a chart. Simply download, print and pass out to your band.

Now you can have your library chocked full of good stuff – without paying upwards of $50 – 75 bucks per chart.

For now the site includes original big band music by myself (Jim Martin) as well as Frank Mantooth, Ed Palermo, Jean Laughlin, Ron Davis, Ryan Cullen, Tom Garling, Carron Schilders,  Scott Mertens , Roget Pontbriand, Todd Murphy, Joe D’etienne, David Wilken, Vladimir Nikolov, Joel Evans & Adryan Russ, Cam McAllister, and the one-of-a-kind Don Ellis.

More writers and new charts are always in the works.

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Whether you are a high school band director, college jazz director or a member or leader of a pro or amateur big band, I believe you’ll find PDFjazzmusic.com to be an excellent source for well written music by a variety of writers at extremely affordable prices. Convenient too!

Take a “test drive” right now by downloading a FREE big band chart while you are here. It’s a $40 value. A nice little bossa nova your band will enjoy. Kind of “Bob Florencey” in style.

Once you complete the form, you’ll receive the download link and password via email immediately to open and print the chart.

Downloading the freebie will allow you to experience the whole process and how the site works. And you’ll get a free big band chart to boot! When you purchase a chart, you’ll get the download information immediately as well.

Now go ahead and check out the big band and combo pages!

Listen to some of the charts here and view the scores and you decide. Keep in mind that PDFjazzmusic.com is constantly “under construction” with new music being added regularly. Check back often to view new scores and to listen.

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