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Big Band PDF Parts Only? Cast Your Vote!

Recently, I’ve had a number of people ask me if I could supply them with just ONE part from a chart so that they could play along with the recording for practice. Drummers especially seem to want this sort of thing.

To be honest, I never really thought about supplying just “parts” of a bunch of charts along with recordings for practicing purposes, but after thinking about it, the idea seems to make sense – especially for big band.

I think the main reason is that there always is not a big band available to play music when you want. (Getting 17 musicians in one place for a rehearsal is not always the easiest task.)

So I decided to put this up for a vote to you guys. Cast your ballot below! Depending on how the voting comes out, I can get to work on putting together PDF files of parts and recordings for practicing and sight reading purposes.

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Would you like to have PDF packs of individual parts and recordings made available for big band or combo?

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7 Responses to “Big Band PDF Parts Only? Cast Your Vote!”

  • anthony rizzo says:

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop..
    Much success to you and your students…

  • Sanford Lung says:

    Jim, If someone has purchased a BB chart, downloaded all Finale, Sibelius and pdf files of the chart, isn’t it simple enough to print just the part(s) desired? If I’m wrong, color me dumb.


  • Jim Martin says:

    Sanford, if someone bought the entire chart, yes that would be the case. But if you are a drummer, or bass player, for example and would like to just be able to practice with a recording, purchasing the parts and recordings would be cheaper than purchasing the whole chart. I’m thinking a set of 5 drum parts would be around $9.95 or something.

  • Alfred Brewin says:

    Hi kindly forward jazz big band PDF transcriptions

  • Tom Herrera says:

    I’ve purchased several charts from you over the years and use them in my high school band book often. I usually have inexperienced rhythm sections, particularly bass and guitar players, so having a recording handy with a part to model is a great way to teach style.

  • thomas says:

    BB-VDG719KL only partiture please

  • William Sinclair says:

    I like the lower cost of PDF music, but it might be worthwhile to supply paper charts, already folded, upon request. And of course – charge more for the shipping and extra handling.

    I mention that, because its very often a total pain in the butt to have 17 musicians handle loose sheets of paper when playing the material.

    So some bandleaders would want to take you up on that offer.

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Would you like to have PDF packs of individual parts and recordings made available for big band or combo?

View Results

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