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Check out my Wynton Marsalis App

I have been a big fan of Wynton Marsalis since the early 1980s when he first broke out onto the scene. I was in college at the time and was (and still am!) pretty much blown away by his playing. I was particularly impressed on how well he played both classical and jazz. In short, the guy is a brilliant musician and absolutely incredible trumpet player.

So in tribute to all that Wynton has done for jazz and music over the years, I created a Wynton Marsalis mobile app that brings all of his internet presence to one handy place. It will work for both Apple and Android phones. If you are a Wynton fan, get this app for your mobile device and you can stay updated and inspired by Wynton and the JLCO. The app is free.

I own a mobile marketing business, and I’ve done a bunch of apps for local businesses but this is the first app I completed for a musician. I think it came out pretty good.

Want an app for yourself or your jazz group? Email me and I’ll give you more information.

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  • Mohamed says:

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