Big Band Charts by Carron Schilders

Carron Schilders

Carron Schilders was born October 15th, 1967 in the Netherlands (Europe).
In 1997 he won two important first European prizes, and from that day on he has been consistently writing for several (broadcasting) orchestras and musicals all over Europe.

Carron is not only a Jazz writer but he also composes pop, modern, classical and world music for Symphony Orchestras, Concert Bands, Jazz Ensembles and small groups. Carron has worked with Benny Bailey, Vince Mendoza and Kenny Barron. Carron conducted several jazz and symphony orchestras and in 2003 was the featured guest conductor at the conservatory in Tilburg (Netherlands), to teach classical and jazz-conducting.

Carron Schilders

Big Band Charts by Carron Schilders

La Manta

(for 5 saxes & rhythm)

This chart is scored for 5 saxophones and rhythm section.

La Manta is a samba-feel that’s inspired on a fish called Manta. It glides through the water but also can be very active and fast. You’ll here the wavery movements of the fish in the music. The level is advanced, and has a solo-space for the 2nd alto sax.

Price – $14.95


Straight Home

(for big band)

This chart is a fun straight ahead chart that has some interesting twists and turns. The audio on the left is midi-generated. Features a nice sax soli. Take a listen and view the score and you’ll get a good idea of the chart.

Price – $19.95


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I Mean You

(for studio jazz orchestra)

Chart very coming soon!

Price – $29.95



Traffic Jam

(for trp, alto sax, tenor sax, trombone, guitar, bass and drums)

I composed this piece together with a good friend of mine; Anne Zwaga who happens to be also a brilliant tenor sax player.

This composition was an assignment of the Dutch government. The composition had to reflect the traffic on the old situation and the new one, thus after the new highway is build.

In this piece you can hear the traffic running on a crowd Highway. You’ll hear also an ambulance including the so called "Doppler" effect, you get that when a car with sirens is passing by.

This piece was written for a Highway called A7 (In the Netherlands) that was very crowded in the beginning. But when the new highway was finished the traffic problem was solved, you can hear that more towards the end of the piece.

It will not surprise you that the main chord of this piece is the A7 chord, that the line-up consists of 7 parts (i.e. trp, alto sax, tenor sax, trombone, e. guitar, bass and drums)

Price – $14.95