Big Band Charts by Roget Pontbriand

Roget Pontbriand

Roget PontbriandRoget Pontbriand is currently the director of jazz and popular music at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

He formerly served as the department chair at Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, Mich., where he developed a B.M. degree in contemporary Christian music. Pontbriand also was an adjunct professor at Middle Tennessee State University, where he directed the university jazz ensemble and taught music composition. Pontbriand has also studied at two prestigious jazz schools; Berklee College of Music Boston, Mass. and the Grove School of Music, Studio City, Calif.

Roget has had an extensive career in the commercial music industry. He has worked in Boston, New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Branson and Miami as a studio musician, composer and arranger. He was the resident composer for Classic Video Production in Akron, Ohio. As resident composer for Robert VanKampen, Roget wrote many large compositions for the Grand Rapids and Lakeshore Symphony Orchestras. Roget has composed a symphony and an opera for Palm Beach clients. Roget toured with the Grammy nominated group Wild Cherry, K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Bullet and other pop bands. He has also performed with many big bands which include; Maynard Ferguson, Mel Tormé, Dee Barton, Nashville Jazz Machine, Xavier Cugat, Shoji Tabushi, Bo Thorpe and Bob Hoose orchestras.

All selections below are performed by the Palm Beach Atlantic University Jazz Ensemble directed by Roget Pontbriand.


Original Big Band Charts by Roget Pontbriand

Trinary Code

Level 4 1/2 (medium/difficult)

TRINARY CODE is a jazz waltz based on the harmonic structure of Ellington’s Perdido.

The chart features a tenor sax solo and contrapuntal lines reminiscent of Bill Holman. This is a fun one to play and rehearse.

Price – $19.95

Blue Blossom

Level 4 1/2 (medium/difficult)

The haunting melody is played by the flugelhorn as a ballad, a Bossa Nova and a Samba. Exciting call and response sections between the rhythm section and the brass make this a very provocative piece.

The chart features an extended trumpet or flugelhorn solo.

Price – $19.95

Triste Und Isolde

Level 4 1/2 (medium/difficult)

Triste is a Latin composition based on the progression of Jobim’s Triste. The arrangement features both tenor sax and trumpet solos.

Price – $19.95


Level 4 (medium)

This vocal composition is very moody. The theme is based on a love relationship gone amiss. It is composed for male voice and features a trumpet (Flugelhorn) solo.