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John Coltrane - Jazz, Art Poster

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JAZZ PLAYER PARKING saxophone blues NEW sign

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Four Brothers by Allan Hill 22"x18" Art Print Poster

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Originally released in March 1964, this collaboration between saxophonist Stan Getz and guitarist João Gilberto came at seemingly the end of the bossa nova craze Getz himself had sparked in 1962 with Jazz Samba, his release with American guitarist Charlie Byrd. Jazz Samba remains the only jazz album to reach number one in the pop charts. In fact, the story goes that Getz had to push for the release of Getz/Gilberto since the company did not want to compete with its own hit; it was a good thing he did. Getz/Gilberto, which featured composer Antonio Carlos Jobim on piano, not only yielded the hit "Girl from Ipanema" (sung by Astrud Gilberto, the guitarist's wife, who had no professional experience) but also "Corcovado" ("Quiet Night")--an instant standard, and the definitive version of "Desafinado." Getz/Gilberto spent 96 weeks in the charts and won four Grammys. It remains one of those rare cases in popular music where commercial success matches artistic merit. Bossa nova's "cool" aesthetic--with its understated rhythms, rich harmonies, and slightly detached delivery--had been influenced, in part, by cool jazz. Gilberto in particular was a Stan Getz fan. Getz, with his lyricism, the bittersweet longing in his sound, and his restrained but strong swing, was the perfect fit. His lines, at once decisive and evanescent, focus the rest of the group's performance without overpowering. A classic. --Fernando Gonzalez
List Price: $18.98
Amazon Price: $11.99
Used Price: $4.71
Customer Review: Quintessential Brazilian-Jazz
Subtle and evocative. The melodies are haunting. It's a timeless classic and required listening for any serious jazz fan.
Customer Review: Never got it
I never received the Getz/Gilberto CD. I am still waiting. I got the other two items purchased on the same day. UPS is a problem because their delivery system don't work well in my building. It has always been a problem with them.

A Love Supreme

A Love Supreme is a suite about redemption, a work of pure spirit and song, that encapsulates all the struggles and aspirations of the 1960s. Following hard on the heels of the lyrical, swinging Crescent, A Love Supreme heralded Coltrane's search for spiritual and musical freedom, as expressed through polyrhythms, modalities, and purely vertical forms that seemed strange to some jazz purists, but which captivated more adventurous listeners (and rock fellow travelers such as the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, and the Byrds), while initiating a series of volatile, unruly prayer offerings, including Kulu Su Mama, Ascension, Om, Meditations, Expression, Interstellar Space. From the urgent speech-like timbre of his tenor, to the serpentine textures and earthy groove of Elvin Jones's drumming, Coltrane's suite proceeds with escalating intensity, conveying a hard-fought wisdom and a beckoning serenity in the prayer-like drones of "Psalm," where Jones rolls and rumbles like thunder as Garrison and Tyner toll away suggestively--all the while Coltrane searches for that one climactic note worthy of the love he wants to share. --Chip Stern
List Price: $11.98
Amazon Price: $10.99
Used Price: $5.20
Customer Review: More Than A Jazz Album
Coltrane's, "A Love Supreme", is more than a jazz album its a spiritual journey or as Coltrane had said, " A Love Supreme is a gift to God". There are only four tracks, "Acknowledgement" ,"Reseloution", "Pursuance", and "Pslam". The album is only 32 minutes but is still a timeless classic that can be listened to over and over and over again and it still will captivate and influence you. Being for its short length, "A Love Supreme", allows you to hear John Coltranes spiritual journey and lets you hear his gift to God. A Love Supreme was and still is pure genius and was a jazz album that was way ahead of its time and it still is ahead of its time, never has there been a jazz album realesed that has sounded remotely close to the pieces heard on this album. Also its influence has been widespread not just to the jazz community but also to rock muscians like, Carlos Santana, and Bono of U2. Sadly though we never did get to hear Coltrane make more albums like this as he died of liver cancer at the age of 40 with plans of becoming a monk. A Love Supreme is classic, beautiful, definitive, spiritual, timeless, and did I mention pure genius. A Love Supreme is an essential album for anyone who likes to listen to music to listen too on the face of this planet. So what are you waiting for go out an pick up this album and blast this album and let it change your life.
Customer Review: No going back
4 1/2 Often considered this legendary player's best and generally cited as one of the overall greatest recordings of all time, ALS undoubtedly represents Coltrane and his excellent crew at their early avant-garde best (easily argued as a favorite period), of which this blisteringly brief output suggested a spiritual threshold, compositionally crossed, that could never be rescinded. It's not quite perfect although at only three taut tracks the quartet seems at a precise alignment between excess and restraint to promote such holy themes, parlaying the album into an experience unique to his dense catalog.

Somethin' Else

When alto saxophonist Cannonball Adderley culled together this quartet, he grabbed three champions from seemingly disparate schools to complement his flinty solos: Miles Davis, the king of cool; Art Blakey, the thundering force of hard bop; Hank Jones, a veteran of swing; and Sam Jones, a versatile bassist adaptable to nearly any setting. The results are one of Blue Note's most beloved albums. The open-ended beauty of "Autumn Leaves," which features Davis beautifully stating the melody on muted trumpet, sounds like it could easily be an outtake from Kind of Blue (which it isn't). The midtempo title track provides the centerpiece of this classic as Adderley echoes Miles's swaggering melody before both unravel wonderful solos. A must-have Blue Note album. --John Murph
List Price: $11.98
Amazon Price: $11.98
Used Price: $5.24
Customer Review: Spectacular contributions by Miles Davis
I have been listening to recordings of jazz from this era for 30 years, with particular focus on people like Coltrane, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, and others. I don't know how this gem got past me. I just discovered it about 3 months ago and it's a beauty. Cannonball Adderly is a fine player, of course, but this recording is also indispensable for Miles Davis fans. As others have pointed out, if one just listens to the record without knowing, you'd think it was a Miles Davis record, so prominent is his role and how impeccable his playing.
Customer Review: In My Top 3 Miles Albums
Somethin' Else is specatacular. Very much in the same category as Kind Of Blue. Miles Davis is a lyrical as he ever was and I think he might just be playing with the best alto player ever...other than Bird. Autumn Leaves is a Miles track that embodies everything in the career of the greatest Trumpet player ever to live. (along with of course Diz & Pops [Louis Armstrong]). The way the composition transitions from a light hearted tune that you might listen to out in the field under a tall tree on a hot summer day. To the chilling closing phase that begins to bring in the clouds and the reflecting gentle glow of light that passes through them. Miles was ever changing and delivered both beautiful and haunting results. The other track that really strikes me is Love For Sale. This is Davis at his most spectacular. He sounds just like 2pac ripping through a rhyme. At times 2pac sounded like Miles. This track is just simply awesome. So much bravado and coolness, elegance and completely on point. The entire album is amazing. The other two tracks Miles plays on, Somethin' Else (Davis Composition) & One For Daddy-O are great! Cliche and corny to say it, but Somethin' Else is just that!

Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus [VHS]

When a jazz musician plays a solo that lasts for a full 15 minutes, not one of which is less than inspired, powerful, and entertaining; and when he later, in the midst of an inventive and witty unaccompanied solo, exuberantly leaps from the stage, breaks his heel in the process, and continues to play on his back.... Well, you know you're witnessing something special. And so it is with tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins. While he may not be as universally known as Charlie Parker or John Coltrane, jazz fans have regarded Rollins as the instrument's greatest living exponent, and this concert- documentary leaves no doubt as to why.

Filmed by producer-director-editor Robert Mugge in 1986, the 100-minute Saxophone Colossus focuses primarily on two performances: the aforementioned concert by the Rollins quintet at a rock quarry in Saugerties, New York, and the premiere of his Concerto for Tenor Saxophone and Orchestra in Tokyo. And while they are obviously quite different--the former is a freewheeling jazz gig, the latter a more august affair with a full orchestra playing (and Rollins blowing) under the guidance of Finnish conductor- orchestrator Heikki Sarmanto--both are pure Rollins, featuring his big sound, bold tone, and endless supply of ideas. Through interviews with Rollins and his wife, Lucille, we also learn a good deal about his life and philosophy, while a trio of jazz critics discusses his music and influence (the DVD also includes a full discography and some production information). In the end, though, it's the power of Sonny Rollins's music that makes this fascinating, entertaining document worth owning. --Sam Graham
List Price: $19.98
Used Price: $2.68
Customer Review: Not enough music
While this video starts with an amazing performance at a stone quarry in Saugerties, New York; there's just way too little music. In a video I don't need to hear critics drone on and on about what makes Sonny great. That ought to be self-evident from the musical content. There are also interviews with Sonny and his wife that could have been condensed and offered as a "special feature." The japanese orchestral performance was interesting but, really, I'd like to see the rest of the Saugerties concert. Overall, there's maybe thirty minutes of worthwhile footage.
Customer Review: Sonny's playing makes up for some poor cinematic technique.
This 101 minute performance and documentary is taken from material mostly from 1986 (although there is a short clip from Sonny's "Jazz Casuals" appearance in the early 1960s). It features two very different performances: Sonny's working quintet and a special performance with an orchestra in Japan, "Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra." I have not found the latter released on CD. I know far more about John Coltrane than Sonny Rollins, but I was overwhelmed by Rollin's playing on this video, especially his work with his combo. His energy and creativity far transcended anything I have from him on record. But that's not surprising, since many reviewers claim he is best live and doesn't really like to spend time in the studio. Sonny's physical presence is commanding. His body english is perfectly matched to every note--every ounce of his being is put into the playing. (This reminded me a bit of Joshua Redman, who I saw perform in Denver in April--another monster!) And what playing it is! The long solo--chorus after chorus--of "G-Man," which begins the video, is phenomenal. It brought chills to my spine and tears to my eyes. The orchestral piece was interesting and rewarding, although somewhat more difficult to approach. I wish it were available on CD, but I have not been able to find it. I think it would reveal its depths upon repeated listenings. The cinematic technique falters at times, particularly in the Japan part of the video. We see too much random shots of Japanese culture--including many images of blinking billboards!--and not enough of Sonny himself. Why not simply show him performing? He's the master. Several jazz critics comment on Sonny's art, including Gary Giddens, an articulate and passionate communicator who featured prominately in Ken Burn's "Jazz." I hope I can see this man perform live while he remains in the land of the living. He's seventy, now--and a living legend. Douglas Groothuis, Denver Seminary

Roots:Salute to the Saxophone [VHS]

Price: $19.95

Gerry Mulligan. A Master Class on Jazz and its Legendary Players

Back of box: Join legendary composer, arranger and baritone sax player Gerry Mulligan for an insider's look at the history of jazz- where it's been and where it's going. Gerry discusses his musical influences, hsares his advice for future generations of jazz musicians, and demonstrates different songwriting and saxophone playing techniques. 68 minutes.
Used Price: $19.95

The Last of the Blonde Bombshells

Perennial Oscar(r) nominee Judi Dench shakes off the dust of period pieces to play a sassy widow looking to recapture a little of the excitement of her youth: she was the star saxophone player of a World War II-era all-girl dance band. Yanking her instrument from mothballs, she starts blowing the old standards as a street musician, much to the horror of her cultured children (they prefer symphonies to swing classics), and then hatches a plan to track down her band mates for a gala reunion at her granddaughter's school dance. The script carries little suspense and few surprises, but the cast is a delight. Ian Holm costars as the band's womanizing drummer (in a dress and a platinum blonde wig), a rascally old rogue who seduced almost every member during their brief wartime run and married half of them in the intervening years. Olympia Dukakis (Moonstruck) is their trombonist, a hard-drinking American widow living it up in a Scottish castle; jazz great Cleo Laine is a trumpeter turned torch singer; and Leslie Caron cameos as their brassy bass player. Joan Sims (a fixture of the Carry On movies), Billie Whitelaw (Quills), and June Whitfield (the mother on Absolutely Fabulous) are among the great British character actors who join the fun. The old broads bring sass to the sentimentality in this fluffy, feel-good, made-for-cable comedy, insisting there is not only life after 60, but that it swings sweetly if only you let it. --Sean Axmaker
List Price: $9.98
Amazon Price: $5.99
Used Price: $3.00
Customer Review: DVD
Never received, never responded to email. From other complainst Seller either going out of business (on Amazon) and not to be trusted. Amazon refunded payment & have ordered from another Seller
Customer Review: Wonderful movie!!!
I love this movie!! The music is outstanding. I wished I could find the soundtrack!

Mel Bay Presents Jazz Saxophone Licks, Phrases and Patterns

Written by one of today's great jazz educators, this is a system for building great-sounding jazz lines. the relationship of the individual lines to chords and progressions is analyzed. In addition, original saxophone studies integrate these concepts with technical proficiency.
List Price: $12.95
Amazon Price: $11.01
Used Price: $7.23
Customer Review: They're here
The books arrived earlier than expected (just in time for Christmas) and we're a big hit. Thanx!!!
Customer Review: All Kinds of Licks in this Book
This is a great book to get ideas for Jazz licks. Excellent, not just for the saxophone, but other instruments in the same register can benefit from the instruction in this book. For me, coming from a classical music background, I'm using it with my violin to learn Jazz Violin and improvisation skills. This is quite a challenge, to say the least! These licks are very easy to learn, and not ridiculously difficult, which is what beginners to Jazz music really need. I really like the book and always have it on my music stand.

Jazz Style and Technique Workbook for All Saxophones

Jazz Style and Technique is a fun and comprehensive workbook for developing the technical and musical skills necessary to perform with a mature jazz style. For advancing beginner and intermediate level students, this workbook offers detailed instruction on how to create a swing feel, use swing articulations, and integrate useful jazz inflections into compositions. This workbook presents 15 original and fun jazz compositions in multiple key signatures. Students have the opportunity to gain technical fluency in different keys while remaining focused on developing an authentic jazz style through the use of articulations and inflections. For all saxophones!
List Price: $12.95
Amazon Price: $12.95
Used Price: $31.85
Customer Review: Great Book!
This book was really useful. The etudes are challenging, but not at all overwhelming. All the etudes are in a couple of keys to work on technique (and to make them more challenging) and have all the notation you need to figure out how to play with a jazz style. This book really helped me LEARN and use the techniques I need to play saxophone better.

The Jazz Method for Tenor Saxophone

These methods provide complete courses for players off all ages, guiding students from their first note to 'classics', together with compositions by contemporary writers. Each book is accompanied by high quality rhythm section tracks recorded on compact disc. Right from the start, students can enjoy authentic jazz sounds, playing in the company of professionals. With step-by-step instruction and a progression of specially written pieces, the fundamental elements of good technique are introduced alongside the rhythmic subtleties of jazz. Improvisation is encouraged from an early stage and is given direction through the systematic study of scales and arpeggios and advice on ear-training and chord patterns. With supplementary suggestions for listening and reading, and an Appendix containing all the chord progressions for 'live' accompaniment of the tunes, The Jazz Methods are ideally suited to both students working alone and those learning with a teacher. "John O'Neill has a solid understanding of jazz and how it can be taught. I highly recommend his educational jazz materials." (Jamey Aebersold) "...a rare opportunity for a new player (or a more experienced one) to develop a really musical facility. A rare addition to the jazz improvising library." (Lee Konitz, international jazz saxophone soloist) - includes 'classics' by Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins and Horace Silver - "...very good origin al jazz tunes that students will use as stepping stones for further development... a non-jazz-playing flute teacher would probably find the book a godsend especially if students are studying GCSE music." (Steve Tayton, Jazz Journal International) Part one: The foundation Techniques * Part two: Playing the Music * Part three: Appendices
List Price: $27.95
Used Price: $20.00
Customer Review: The book is good, Amazon's service isn't.
When I placed my order for this product, I noticed later that I was charged for two books and 2 CDs. Although I was pretty sure I had only ordered one, I thought maybe I could have hit the order button twice. So, I canceled and then reordered the book/CD set. But, they still sent, and charged me for, two. While I doubt this is anything more than a technical glitch, Amazon did not respond to a note I sent about the problem and sent me both books anyway. So, beware of this if you do order it. See that they have fixed this bug before doing so. Also, I ordered a lot of trumpet and jazz books. Many of the books were very late in coming, much later than my previous orders. I am still waiting for one product. I understand that because I live overseas my shipment should take longer. But, these took much longer than usual and they split the order into several shipments. One item has still not been sent. Again, this is a reflection on Amazon's service and not the product itself. If you want to learn the trumpet from the jazz context right away, this book would be good for you. Many jazz for trumpet books require you to already be fairly proficient on the trumpet and be able to read music. This one does not. It is for the beginner. Right after you finish the preliminaries you start learning to play blues and jazz tunes. You learn about the basics of the trumpet, music reading, jazz tunes and legendary jazz players all together. The attached CD allows you to check to make sure you are sounding right and the book includes some classic jazz tunes like Thelonious Monk's "Blue Monk" and Dizzy Gillespie's "A Night in Tunisia". Also, it is not a massive book, just over a hundred pages. So, even the size makes it inviting to beginner's. In the end, I was certainly happy with the book and CD. I considered the price for one set very reasonable, but was quite irritated that I was forced to buy two. Now, I need to find a beginning trumpet player interested in jazz and make his day with an unexpected present.
Customer Review: Great book for the adult learner who loves jazz
For some reason Amazon treats all books in this series as if they were the same regardless of whether they are for sax, trumpet, clarinet, flute, etc. To avoid confusion, let me say that this review is for the trumpet version of the book. But even if you are interested for one of the other books in the series I hope that this review will at least give you some flavour of the way the series have been designed. I expect that the overall concept is the same. This is actually the first trumpet book I bought at the time I started playing trumpet close to three years ago and it seemed tailor-made for me as an adult learner with a great love of jazz. Now I'm playing trumpet in a jazz quintet so I am definitely doing something right and I really think this book was a significant help. I have never seen another book that covers so much ground nor one that has such interesting material for the beginner. You won't find any childish nursery rhymes or 18th century folk songs here! It really does start from the absolute beginner level, even to the point of telling you how to hold the trumpet and get your first sounds. At the same time, from the very first tune you are playing jazz. Most of the earlier pieces were written by the authors, but the later tunes are mainly by jazz greats, and usually trumpet players. You'll find tunes from great jazz trumpeters like Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Kenny Dorham, Woody Shaw, Freddie Hubbard, Kenny Wheeler etc. There are also some tunes from other jazz instrumentalists but the trumpeters are the clear majority in this edition (presumably the incarnations of this book made for other instruments mainly contain tunes relevant to their instrument). As the book progresses you will gradually add notes to your range, learn about jazz articulation, how to use mutes, useful jazz theory, improvisation, biographical information about jazz trumpeters, pedal tones (that's notes below the conventional range), high range playing (that's notes above high C), alternate fingerings and more. I think that even a reasonably advanced player could benefit from some of the later sections. There is also a nice CD with the book which demonstrates how all the songs should sound and has a split track so you can play along with the rhythm section. Of course it's not the only book you will ever need, however this book is a fine place to start and it contains references to many of the other books (and recordings) you may want as you progress.

Intermediate Jazz Conception for Saxophone

Used Price: $18.99

Jazz Saxophone Etudes For Alto & Tenor: Book & Two CD Play-Along Set

This book of etudes was created to fill a gap in the musical resources available to the aspiring jazz musician. Its purpose is to demonstrate the concepts of soloing to those students who know their chords and scales but lack the musical vocabulary to create professional-level solos.

I have written twelve jazz etudes that are enjoyable to play, yet present some technical challenges. However, the technical benefits are secondary to the primary purpose of the etudes: to be able to play through the chord changes in a musical manner while clearly expressing the song’s harmonic structure.

The etudes are based on familiar chord progressions, including blues, rhythm changes, and a variety of common "standard" 32-bar song forms.
List Price: $24.95
Amazon Price: $24.95
Used Price: $21.95
Customer Review: Too fast!
These are really enjoyable pieces and the backing CDs-both e flat and b flat- have been beautifully recorded with an exciting backing group. However, some of the faster pieces need an intermediate speed to help people like me to build up the pace. (This can be done just using a pc to reduce the speed by about 25% but maintain the proper pitches.) This would make a huge difference. It is a great shame, otherwise it would be really quite excellent.
Customer Review: Fishman's Etudes
This is an excellent etude book. The music is very hip and the packaging is excellent. I use both of Fishman's books for reading exercises, but they are also a good source of patterns. The tempos are fast, but I don't really know anyone who needs practice reading very slowly... right? Besides, if you must, simply practice reading them at slower tempos without the CD, and work them up to speed. Be not proud: you probably read better than I! I also highly recommend this and his other book, Jazz Saxophone Duets. Both of these books are great. I'd compare these to the Neihaus etudes, but with more rhythmic diversity and more bebop harmonies. Rumor has it that he's got a 3rd book just published. I have not seen it, but certainly I recommend the first 2 books without hesitation. I'm getting the 3rd one as soon as I can find it.

Great Jazz Classics: Alto Saxophone

29 solos, including: Caravan * Forever In Love * I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good * In A Sentimental Mood * Isn't It Romantic? * Moonlight Becomes You * Satin Doll * That Old Black Magic * and more.
List Price: $5.95
Amazon Price: $5.95
Used Price: $4.30

Jazz Saxophone Method: Tenor BK/CD (Hal Leonard Tenor Saxophone Method)

Learn how to play and improvise in the style of Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Ben Webster, Stan Getz, Dexter Gordon and other jazz greats! The book uses real jazz classics to teach you, and covers topics including chord progressions; scales and licks; soloing styles; modes; pentatonics; instruments and equipment; and more. Songs include: Autumn Leaves * Chi Chi * Doxy * Easy Living * Footprints * I Remember You * Maiden Voyage * Meditation * Satin Doll * So What * Song for My Father * and more. The CD includes 87 tracks for demonstration and play-along.
List Price: $14.99
Amazon Price: $11.24
Used Price: $14.46

Jazz Conception for Tenor Saxophone With CD

CD contains audio + MP3 files.

Jazz Saxophone Duets

Ten Jazz Saxophone Duets for two altos, two tenors, or alto & tenor. Book comes complete with three play-along CDs. This book gives students an opportunity to experience the excitement of playing professional level sax duets with a great rhythm section. Each duet is a musical conversation between the two saxophones. Written in an interactive style, both saxophonists are actively involved rhythmically, melodically and harmonically throughout the duets, combining to form a complete musical pitcutre. This book offers maximum flexibility, giving saxophonists the choice of playing with two altos, two tenors, or alto and tenor. A unique feature of the book is that both alto and tenor saxophonists read the same written part while the rhythm section transposes to accommodate the saxophonists. The three play-along CDs included with this book feature four different versions of each duet. The first track features both saxophones plus the rhythm section; the second track features the second saxophone party plus the rhythm section; the fourth track features the rhythm section only, with extra choruses for soloing. These extra choruses allow the saxophonists to musically communicate with each other by trading choruses or phrases during the solo section of the play-along tracks. This book will help you develop your ear and mind so that you can become adept at expressing yourself through your own improvisations.
List Price: $29.95
Amazon Price: $29.95
Used Price: $55.22
Customer Review: Greg Fishman does it again.
As an intermediate player, I'm called upon to sight read on many sub gigs. This is very hard for me because I took a 27 year break from music and never was a strong sight reader. Greg's duets force me and my wife to concentrate both on counting and articulation. It's slow going, but will pay off if we keep at it. And it doesn't hurt that the lessons build on each other and are fun to play to book. Every once in a while you say to yourself, "Hey, that's a Charlie Parker riff or some such." It's like finding treasure. Thanks for doing this Greg!

The Definitive Jazz Collection - Alto Sax / Saxophone (The Definitive Jazz Collection - Alto Sax / Saxophone)

After You've Gone Ain't Misbehavin' All Of Me All The Things You Are Angel Eyes Bernie's Tune Birdland Bluesette Body And Soul But Not For Me Come Rain Or Come Shine Cry Me A River A Day In The Life Of A Fool (Manha De Carnaval) Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me Don't Get Around Much Anymore Early Autumn Fever Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) A Foggy Day (In London Town) From This Moment On The Girl From Ipanema (Garota De Ipanema) Give Me The Simple Life God Bless' The Child Gone With The Wind Guess Who I Saw Today Here's That Rainy Day Honeysuckle Rose How High The Moon How Insensitive (Insensatez) I Loves You, Porgy I'll Remember April I've Got You Under My Skin In The Still Of The Night Indiana (Back Home Again In Indiana) It's All Right With Me Just In Time Just One Of Those Things The Lady Is A Tramp Let There Be Love Limehouse Blues Little Girl Blue Long Ago (And Far Away) Love For Sale Lover, Come Back To Me Lullaby Of The Leaves Manhattan Meditation (Meditacao) Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Midnight Sun Misty Moonlight In Vermont More Than You Know My Funny Valentine My Romance My Ship Nice Work If You Can Get It Night And Day Ol' Man River Old Devil Moon One Mint Julep One Note Samba (Samba De Uma Nota So) Polka Dots And Moonbeams Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) Satin Doll Skylark Slightly Out Of Tune (Desafinado) Smoke Gets In Your Eyes So Nice (Summer Samba) Some Day My Prince Will Come Speak Low Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most Stompin' At The Savoy Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All The Time) Summertime A Sunday Kind Of Love Sweet Georgia Brown That's Life There's A Small Hotel They Can't Take That Away From Me The Things We Did Last Summer Time After Time Watch What Happens What A Diff'rence A Day Made What Is This Thing Called Love? When I Fall In Love Will You Still Be Mine Willow Weep For Me You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
Used Price: $11.90

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