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All That Jazz I by Julien Dupre. Size 22.00 inches width by 28.00 inches height. High Quality Art Poster Print

All That Jazz I by Julien Dupre.Total Size : 22.00 inches width by 28.00 inches height.This is the Highest Quality Art Print Reproduction of the Original Work. Fully Authorized by the Artist. OnlineWall is the worlds best quality art print, poster and framing store with over 25 years custom framing experience our quality of art prints cannot be beat .

All That Jazz I by Julien Dupre. Size 22.00 inches width by 28.00 inches height. High Quality Art Poster Print

All That Jazz I by Julien Dupre.Total Size : 22.00 inches width by 28.00 inches height.This is the Highest Quality Art Print Reproduction of the Original Work. Fully Authorized by the Artist. OnlineWall is the worlds best quality art print, poster and framing store with over 25 years custom framing experience our quality of art prints cannot be beat .

All That Jazz II by Julien Dupre. Size 22.00 inches width by 28.00 inches height. High Quality Art Poster Print

All That Jazz II by Julien Dupre.Total Size : 22.00 inches width by 28.00 inches height.This is the Highest Quality Art Print Reproduction of the Original Work. Fully Authorized by the Artist. OnlineWall is the worlds best quality art print, poster and framing store with over 25 years custom framing experience our quality of art prints cannot be beat .

Trombone Heaven, Vancouver, 1978

List Price: $17.99
Amazon Price: $14.99
Used Price: $12.99
Customer Review: First-class jaz bone playing
Hard to believe that a few months later Frank Rosolino would take his own life, and the jazz world would lose one of the greatest virtuosos of his instrument. For any jazz trombonist, this is surely "Trombone Heaven." Great selections with inspiring and inventive solos. I've always loved Frank's playing from hearing him in his early years with Stan Kenton.
Customer Review: trombone heaven---a wonderful recording of two trombone giants
TROMBONE HEAVEN...Frank Rosolino & Carl Fontana...A rare recording of these two giants of the trombone performing together in 1978 on the second night of a two night gig in Vancouver. With a very talented local rhythm section these two romp through 6 tunes, 79 minutes of great jazz....The liner notes are extraordinary in that the information is more an essay on the history/background of these two players as well as a discussion of the differences in their trombone technique. This is a "must have" for all trombone players and anyone else interested in hearing a great evening of jazz....they are no longer with us but we do have this recording........they are sorely missed.....

The Trombones Inc.

First time on CD for the complete Trombones Inc session from 1958. Led by Bob Brookmeyer, Jimmy Cleveland and Frank Rosolino, these recordings feature 27 Jazz trombonists appearing together on the same sessions and arranged by Jay Jay Johnson and Marty Paich. Includes Barney Kessel, Hank Jones, Wendell Marshall, Mill Hinton, Osie Johnson and Mel Lewis. 12 tracks total. Lone Hill Jazz. 2006.
List Price: $15.98
Amazon Price: $15.98
Used Price: $7.30
Customer Review: Enter a world without trumpets and saxes
There have been many jazz recordings of large trombone ensembles, such as those by Kai Winding, J.J. Johnson, and Urbie Green in the 1950s and 60s, and more recently Slide Hampton's excellent 2002 album "The Spirit of the Horn." This album, which features arrangements for up to 10 trombones, ranks right up with those other top-notch efforts. Trombone aficionados will recognize many names from this series of December 1958 sessions that were done on both the East Coast and West Coast. To name just a few: Milt Bernhart, Jimmy Cleveland, Dick Nash, George Roberts, and Frank Rosolino. Fortunately, the liner notes (from both this release and the original) give plenty of information on who plays on which session and who the soloists are. I noticed one minor error. The track listing shows Bob Brookmeyer playing valve trombone for both East Coast and West Coast sessions. This unlikely circumstance is explained by the narrative in the original liner notes: the valve trombonist on the West Coast actually was Bob Enevoldsen (who was also well known as a tenor saxophonist). The arrangers - J.J. Johnson in the east and Marty Paich and Warren Barker in the west - did a brilliant job. It would be hard to pick "best" arrangements from this assortment, because all of the writers clearly had a thorough appreciation for the dynamic and expressive range of a big trombone ensemble. The 10 horns are often divided into two sections playing counterpoint to each other, and sometimes three sections when the bass trombones are off doing their own thing. This produces a quasi-big band sound with the sections playing off each other just as saxes, trumpets, and bones commonly do. Both the ensemble playing and the solos are a joy to listen to. For students of the trombone, this album is a master class not to be missed. For everyone else, it's a heck of a lot of fun.
Customer Review: one of the very best
this is a great record and i am so glad that it was finally released - this means it hould also soon be aailable on amazon's mp3 store and iTunes etc - in this digital age it should never be unavailable again . . this is a great album filled with great playing

Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews and Orleans Avenue: Orleans & Claiborne

Kicking off 2007, New Orleans premier music magazine, Offbeat, named Shorty Andrews their Performer of the Year. He also garnered honors as Best Contemporary Jazz Performer. His current project is Orleans Avenue, a funk/pop/hip-hop mix populated with musicians like Andrews who are young in age only. Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue is high energy, high octane and highly contagious.
List Price: $23.99
Amazon Price: $23.99
Used Price: $14.14
Customer Review: Funky music
We heard Trombone Shorty at the Minnesota State Fair this August and he is terrific - and we really wanted to get a CD - he is only 22 now and was 19 when this CD was recorded! He is a very talented musician - the music is funky jazz - we love it. Can't wait to hear the CD they are currently working on.
Customer Review: A great slice of current New Orleans music
I will start by admitting my bias as 'Trombone Shorty' is from my hometown and I have been a fan of his for some time. Regardless of bias, I really enjoy this album, listen to it often and feel that it is well produced and is a good example of some of the great music that is currently being enjoyed at local New Orleans clubs every night. Put this CD on and get ready to shake your booty.

Side Street Strutters Jazz Band in Concert

Allow the Side Street STrutters to take you on a musical journey back to the roots of jazz - but watch out! fter a brief baptism in the happy, forthright musical environment of old New Orleans, you emerge having experienced fresh, new and revitalized interpretations of this indigenous Ameridcan art form. Selections: That's a Plenty The Black Bottom Stomp I Want a Little Girl Makin' Whoopie I Found a New Baby Bye Bye Blues The Tiger Rag Snakebite Blues Cottontail Alexander's Ragtime Band Charleston Medley Frankie & Johnny Night Train Malaguena South Rampart Street Parade
Used Price: $58.00
Customer Review: Even better in person
This group puts on an outstanding show. The addition of Paul Johnson as drummer makes this a must see.

Trombone & Drums [VHS]

Price: $25.98

The Fabulous Dorseys

Studio: Music Video Dist Release Date: 06/15/2004
List Price: $9.95
Amazon Price: $9.95
Used Price: $3.55

Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy Doorsey

List Price: $13.98
Amazon Price: $12.49
Used Price: $9.08

Trombone: Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble a Comprehensive Method for Jazz Style and Improvisation

Specifically designed to teach jazz basics to students with 1 or 2 years playing experience, but with no prior experience playing jazz. Great for individual or classroom use. Teaches the basics of swing style in a step-by-step approach using well-known songs. Improvisation is made easy starting with simple 2-measure phrases. Scales and basic theory are introduced in a simple and easy to understand approach. 2 CDÕs are included with recordings of all exercises and arrangements. Other features: 7 full band arrangements, sample solos, jazz history and people.
List Price: $12.99
Amazon Price: $12.99
Used Price: $1.84
Customer Review: Excellent Learning Tool
This is a fabulous, simple and straightforward method for learning the elements of jazz. I was so impressed with it that when I found the seconc CD in the used book I originally bought was cracked, I went out and bought another copy (for clarinet and direct from the publisher). Very highly recommended.
Customer Review: Covers all the basics for playing guitar in your high school's jazz band
This book is for learning jazz from scratch, in the context of a jazz ensemble with a rhythm section and horns. The Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble series is really good for learning how to play in the jazz style if you've never listened to jazz before. The CD will be extremely valuable for hearing (ear training) what jazz should sound like as it swings. The Guitar Edition is written for guitar, but the melodic examples are played on the CD by a horn instrument. And it's all in standard notation without any TAB. Some rock guitarists unfortunately might be turned off by the lack of TAB, but stick with it. If you're dedicated to learning jazz, reading proficiency is mandatory. To make it a little easier, everything in this book is in the concert key of Bb (only 2 flats). The comping rhythms have been adapted from keyboard comping. The piano was part of the jazz rhythm section long before guitar. Pianists are masters at accompanying. You'll learn the most common comping patterns as well as guitar voicings that fit in context of a jazz rhythm section with piano, bass, and drums. The chord voicings are diagramed, although not much theory is given so it's best to learn how chords are constructed with another book or teacher who can play jazz guitar. Blues scales and standard blues sounding tunes are presented first, along with explanations of Dorian and Mixolydian soloing. Arpeggios are explained and written in standard notation. You'll find horn players are much more adept at using an arpeggio approach to soloing than guitar players are. This is a great book for learning jazz from square one, but be very patient! This is probably at least a 2 year endeavor to assimilate all the material here.

Easy Jazz Conception 15 solo etudes for jazz phrasing, interpretation and improvisation TROMBONE (Includes CD)

Stapled paper wraps. Lavender color on cover. This book/CD set features 15 solo etudes based on blues and standard chord progressions, demonstrated by Slide Hampton along with a world-class rhythm section: Mike LeDonne, piano; Peter Washington, bass; and Kenny Washington, drums. The recording features two separate versions of each etude: one with the soloist and rhythm section and one with the rhythm section only. See and hear how the soloist phrases, play with or without the soloist on the CD and learn basic jazz style first-hand.

Jazz Duets Classics: Trombone

List Price: $5.95
Used Price: $45.63

Choice Jazz Standards - Trombone

30 songs, including: All the Things You Are * A Foggy Day * The Girl from Ipanema * Just in Time * My Funny Valentine * Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars * Smoke Gets in Your Eyes * Watch What Happens * and many more.
List Price: $5.95
Amazon Price: $5.95
Used Price: $0.57

Music Minus One Trombone: Jazz Standards

Listen to the soloist-then play the selections yourself. Perfect for performance, practice, auditions and for everyday listening pleasure!This 2CD set of superb jazz standards brings you soloist Keith O'Quinn with string accompaniments; then he steps aside and lets you work your own artistry. Enjoy! Includes a high-quality printed music score; and two compact discs with complete versions (with soloist) followed by stereo accompaniments to each piece, with full rhythm section minus the soloist.
Musicians:Performed by Keith O'Quinn, trombone
Accompaniment: The All-Star Rhythm Section
Song Listing:Porter, Cole Night and Day
Nemo, Henry 'Tis Autumn
Young & Heyman When I Fall in Love
Gershwin, George Our Love Is Here to Stay
When Sunny Gets Blue
Berlin, Irving What'll I Do
Van Heusen & Burke But Beautiful
Ellington, Kurtz & Mills In a Sentimental Mood
Ellington & Webster I've Got It Bad and That Ain't Good
Gershwin, George Embraceable You
Brooks, Waller & Razaf Ain't Misbehavin'
Van Heusen & DeLange; arr. Raney, Jimmy Darn that Dream
Legrand & Bergman What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?
Brandt & Haymes That's All

List Price: $34.98
Amazon Price: $34.98
Used Price: $85.14

Great Jazz Duets: Trombone

15 duets for any combination of these instruments, including: Alfie * Blue Skies * Let's Fall in Love * Star Dust * Unforgettable * When Sunny Gets Blue * When You Wish Upon a Star * and more.
List Price: $6.95
Amazon Price: $6.95
Used Price: $4.26

Play the Duke: 11 Ellington Jazz Classics for Trombone

Features 11 classics from Duke Ellington's stellar career: Caravan * Don't Get Around Much Anymore * I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good * I'm Beginning to See the Light * In a Sentimental Mood * It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) * Mood Indigo * Satin Doll * Solitude * Sophisticated Lady * Take the "A" Train.
List Price: $12.95
Amazon Price: $11.01
Used Price: $95.27

The Sax and Brass Book: Saxophones, Trumpets and Trombones in Jazz, Rock and Pop

This is the first illustrated history of the horns that have defined jazz since the 1920s and enhanced more recent pop and rock music with their distinctive, classy sounds. Offering superb, specially commissioned photography and inviting descriptive text, The Sax & Brass Book tells the unique 70-year story of these instruments. Exquisite, color pictorials included throughout enhance detailed historical profiles of master brass and woodwind manufacturers, including Buescher, Buffet, Conn, Holton, King Leblanc, Martin, Sax, Selmer, Yanagisawa, and Yamaha.
List Price: $19.95
Amazon Price: $15.56
Used Price: $6.24
Customer Review: worth the bucks
I stated collecting older brass instruments a few years ago and this is a great reference too. More pics next edition please.
Customer Review: An excellent resource
I was part of the original conceptual team for this book and was very pleased to see the final outcome. This book is extremely well-written with lots of great photographs and charts. The focus is primarily on the saxophone, and die hard collectors/enthusiasts will appreciate the factual integrity of the book. I found the pictures particularly interesting, since most (if not all) of the horns pictured were distributed in the UK. Thus, you see some great export variants of the classic Selmer Balanced Action and Conn 10M. I highly recommend this great work to anyone who loves the saxophone.

Jazz Solo Series for Trombone (Book/Audio CD)

The Jazz Solo Series for Trombone by Mark Vega is a great instructional tool for musicians and music students to learn or improve their improvisational abilities in the jazz - swing idiom. There are 66 examples in the book, starting at a somewhat easy level and gradually increasing in difficulty throughout the book. This book is divided into four sections: Section one, tracks 1 through 36 cover all twelve keys using 11-V-1 and 11-V-111-V1-11-V-1 chord progressions. Section two, tracks 37 through 60 cover all twelve keys using 1-V1-11-V-111-b111-11-V-1 chord progressions. Section three, tracks 61 through 66 are complete worked out solos over the chord changes to the popular Jazz standards "Stella By Starlight", "Take the A Train" and "There Will Never Be Another You." There are two solos for each of these three examples, an easy version followed by a more difficult one. The first version being a prime example of how to approach medium swing Jazz and the second version covering the more complex and demanding style of Bebop Jazz with its faster tempos and more difficult melodic and harmonic note choices. Section four, tracks 67, 68 and 69 are repeated choruses of the chord progressions to the above mentioned songs for extended practice. Please refer to the end of the book for a selected discography of Mark's favorite Jazz albums featuring great soloists.
List Price: $21.95
Amazon Price: $21.95
Used Price: $44.62

Complete Jazz Styles Duets Book1: Trombone

Ten Duets with CD (stereo separated). For students working to establish basic interpretive skills, this book is an excellent supplemental or sequential method to either etude book. Additionally, these duets provide the performers an opportunity to work on developing skills such as playing with good balance, blend, intonation and style. The pieces also require the players to think independently while phrasing together. Great fun in private lessons and performance.
List Price: $19.95
Amazon Price: $19.95

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