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Miles Davis Round About Midnight Art Poster Print - 24" X 36"

Miles Davis (Kind of Blue) Music Poster Print - 24" X 32"

This poster is of Mark Rothko's Violet, Green & Red. At the bottom it says "Violet, Green & Red: 1951, Mark Rothko." This framed poster measures approx. 24" x 32" Mark Rothko, born Marcus Rothkowitz (September 25, 1903 - February 25, 1970), was a Latvian-born Jewish American painter and printmaker who is classified as an abstract expressionist, although he rejected not only the label but even being called an abstract painter.

Miles Davis (En Concert, Hands on Face) Music Poster Print - 24" X 36"

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Kind of Blue

This is the one jazz record owned by people who don't listen to jazz, and with good reason. The band itself is extraordinary (proof of Miles Davis's masterful casting skills, if not of God's existence), listing John Coltrane and Julian "Cannonball" Adderley on saxophones, Bill Evans (or, on "Freddie Freeloader," Wynton Kelly) on piano, and the crack rhythm unit of Paul Chambers on bass and Jimmy Cobb on drums. Coltrane's astringency on tenor is counterpoised to Adderley's funky self on alto, with Davis moderating between them as Bill Evans conjures up a still lake of sound on which they walk. Meanwhile, the rhythm partnership of Cobb and Chambers is prepared to click off time until eternity. It was the key recording of what became modal jazz, a music free of the fixed harmonies and forms of pop songs. In Davis's men's hands it was a weightless music, but one that refused to fade into the background. In retrospect every note seems perfect, and each piece moves inexorably towards its destiny. --John Szwed
List Price: $11.98
Amazon Price: $6.99
Used Price: $3.99
Customer Review: You've GOT TO PROMISE
to buy it if you don't own it and NOT to tell anyone that I just bought my copy a month ago. Don't get me wrong...not unfamiliar with the music at all and certainly not Miles! I just have a million unforgivable excuses why I didn't finally buy this. Trust me...jazz fan (Bill Evans fan), my head hangs oh so low with shame. I'm not sure if this is the cd with the dvd on the flipside--that's what I have and it really doesn't matter. I struggled through the watching just once listening to everyone being profound about ...Blue. No one needs to describe it...just to encourage you to have a copy, listen to it and see where it takes you. I guarantee it will take you to a good place!
This is the ONE! You do not have any interest in Jazz (beginer-intermediate-advanced) without this album in your collection. It is Jazz! It is the greatest recording in the history of music. It is a must! The english language does not allow me, or anyone, to fully describe what "Kind of Blue" is, or what it will mean to your Jazz experiance. Perhaps only the recording itself can.

Kind of Blue (Legacy Edition)

Originally released in 1959, Miles Davis's magnum opus Kind of Blue is still considered by many to be one of the greatest albums of all time. Starring Davis, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, and Jimmy Cobb, Kind of Blue has held onto its status as an album that crosses genres, speaks to generations, and is one of the first (if not the first) album that any new jazz acolyte purchases. Kind of Blue (Legacy Edition) offers the complete studio sessions on 2 CDs, including false starts, alternate takes and a 17-minute 1960 live version of "So What."
List Price: $19.98
Amazon Price: $16.49
Used Price: $11.30
Customer Review: My Favorite Jazz Album
Kind of Blue (Legacy Edition) I first heard Miles Davis in the 'Sixties as a college student in New York. I used to go to Eddy Condon' club and nurse a drink for a few hours on a college student's budget just to hear some of the greats. I never saw Davis in person but loved his work. i'm also revisiting John Coltrane, who is featured with Davis on this album. The Rhino edition of The Very Best of John Coltrane is one of my favorites. Too bad most of us jazz afficiandos are over Fifty (or Sixty)... the younger folks would appreciate it as well.
Customer Review: Phenomenal imaging and soundstage makes this a great buy
I won't comment on the music on this CD as that has been covered so many times before, but the unbelievable accuracy and imaging of this recording spurred me to review the recording/remastering quality. With eyes closed, you can hear exactly where Miles Davis is sitting as well as every other instrument's location. I find it nearly impossible to believe that these are recordings from 1959 since the fidelity is so great. It has been a true pleasure rediscovering this album in such crisp detail. I do have to pass along a friend's comment, "Ahh, there's our old friend --- hiss!" Yes, it's there, but I have to agree with him that it's nice to hear it again after digital recording has nearly eliminated it from contemporary recordings. Having recently upgraded my stereo, I have been on a CD buying binge, and this is one of my very favorites to play for myself, friends and family. Two final words: "buy it."

Whipped Cream & Other Delights (40th Anniversary Edition)

US only vinyl picture disc LP pressing of this classic 1965 album. Original front and back-cover art replicated on the picture disc. Housed in an all-new die-cut sleeve. Mastered from the original tapes and contains a collectable Whipped Cream pin-up poster. Shout Records. 2008.
List Price: $13.98
Amazon Price: $8.97
Used Price: $6.75
Customer Review: You Have Heard This Music Before
You might not know it but you have heard this music before; maybe on a tv game show, maybe in an elevator, or maybe a chewing gum commercial. It is fun, it is infectious, and it sold tons of records in the early 1960s. High art it ain't, but everybody needs a little fun. The cover art is fun too. Even if you do not own a record player, an old copy of this album on vinyl will probably cost less than a dollar, so you might want to buy it and frame the jacket. Kind of silly cheesecake, but fun. If it were less fun, I would never have given it 4 stars.
Customer Review: A feast for the ears..and eyes.
There are a good many reviews of this re-release on Amazon already, so I may run the risk of seeming redundant, but here are my two cents anyway. It has been said (by Mr. Alpert, no less) that South of the Border was the breakthrough album by TJB, but for my money,Whipped Cream put Herb on the map. (Not to mention the radio, and television.) I have always loved Herb Alpert and TJB's music because it managed, at once, to be very simple and complex as well. One might think the tunes are simple trumpet tunes, uncomplicated, and maybe unchallanging. But there seems to be quite a bit going on in there. Take A Taste of Honey for example. Herb took a relatively simple song and adapted it for trumpet in such a way that one might be forgiven for thinking it was written for trumpet. I used to think the Beatles did the ultimate version, but after hearing TJB's version, I began to realize how difficult it was to take a well known song, whose lyrics are known by millions, and replace the human voice with a musical instrument. Herb Alpert plays as one might sing, with emotion.Another great tune is Whipped Cream. There are other delights as well. The fun and slightly raunchy take on Love Potion #9 is a treat. I'm sure a great many people bought the album for the cover, but soon discovered there's a treasure trove of excellent music inside. I must admit I was one of those. I was twelve years old when the album came out, so it was a few years later when I bought it. My friends and I were into rock music by that tiime, and thought I was crazy for buying an LP by a trumpet player!! Who cares? I (and millions of others) were right. I still love rock and roll, but don't try to take my TJB from me!!

Trumpet Kings [VHS]

List Price: $29.95
Used Price: $13.25
Customer Review: A must see!
Being a trumpet player, I have watched the tape with great enthusiasm and awe. (I have seen it more than 15 times.) If you are a trumpet player, a jazz fan or just want to be entertained by some rare and wonderful footage of a handful of the world's most inovative musicians, then you must to see "Trumpet Kings"! FYI: A lot of this footage is from a private collection. So you might not ever see it anywhere else.
Customer Review: Trumpet Kings #1
I hope they re-release this on DVD or VHS as soon as possible 'cuz it's been out-of-prints for days, or I'ma say years as for example. As to say this is very essential to those that like trumpet pioneers or trumpet kings I'll say who are in the looks of who's the best out there in jazz history: For example, Wynton Marsalis, Freddie Hubbard, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Fats Navarro, Harry James, Chet Baker, Bunny Berigan, Art Farmer, Donald Byrd, etc. I actually seen several times on BET on Jazz and I didn't know it's was on VHS be4 it came on TV. Maybe 'cuz I'm specially a trumpet player who is learning to play jazz professionally like I did in the jazz band @ high school. A must.

Jazz Festival, Vol. 1 [VHS]

Price: $20.98
Customer Review: Beautiful Jazz films in colour and stereo
These cinematic gems are really a nice testament to the art of the classical, traditionalist jazz... Satchmo's band has been heard in slightly better performances , but this is also great (Jewell Brown, the lovely singer adds a nice rhythm and blues-ish touch), while Eddie Condon's band with Wild Bill Davison is absolutely brilliant; probably the most fascinating document on this DVD. Did I mention this is also in stereo? The songs performed are also nice list for a trad jazz fans (although Satch could have gone chosen a bit more daring choice...)....

Side Street Strutters Jazz Band in Concert

Allow the Side Street STrutters to take you on a musical journey back to the roots of jazz - but watch out! fter a brief baptism in the happy, forthright musical environment of old New Orleans, you emerge having experienced fresh, new and revitalized interpretations of this indigenous Ameridcan art form. Selections: That's a Plenty The Black Bottom Stomp I Want a Little Girl Makin' Whoopie I Found a New Baby Bye Bye Blues The Tiger Rag Snakebite Blues Cottontail Alexander's Ragtime Band Charleston Medley Frankie & Johnny Night Train Malaguena South Rampart Street Parade
Used Price: $58.00
Customer Review: Even better in person
This group puts on an outstanding show. The addition of Paul Johnson as drummer makes this a must see.

Chris Botti: Live (With Orchestra and Special Guests) [Blu-ray]

Studio: Sony Music Release Date: 05/29/2007
List Price: $21.98
Amazon Price: $13.49
Used Price: $15.53
Customer Review: Chris Botti live:
Chris Botti: Live (With Orchestra and Special Guests) [Blu-ray] This is outstanding Blu-ray presentation. Botti is perhaps the best trumpet instrumentalist I have ever heard (seen). The concert was truly great, and the sound and video was near perfection.
Customer Review: Chris Botti - Live
Excellent CD. I love it! Received as promised, packaged great and I'm thrilled with the puchase.

The Art Of Jazz Trumpet

A comprehensive study of modern jazz trumpet playing. Contains a personal history of jazz trumpet, articulation, valve technique, and alternate fingerings.
List Price: $24.95
Amazon Price: $16.47
Used Price: $9.99
Customer Review: Required reading for jazz trumpeters
It is important to realise that unlike many other jazz books this book does not set out to try to teach you how to improvise, nor is it a jazz theory book. You would benefit from at least some working knowledge of both these topics before you embark on this book (I would recommend something like Levine's The Jazz Theory Book if you need more background). Instead it helps you to develop the more technical aspects of jazz trumpet playing through exercises, etudes and well-written text. The first part of the book covers the history of jazz trumpet from about the bebop era onwards, through some discussions of the musical styles of a number of key players and some musical examples. The hard work starts with a large section on jazz articulation, in which you learn to control your placement of accents on different notes in a phrase and develop a polyrhythmic feel. He provides exercises for wide interval playing - something that is quite hard on trumpet compared to an instrument like the saxophone. Alternate fingerings are covered along with some exercises. He also discusses doodle tonguing made famous by especially by Clark Terry. This is the jazz player's way of tonguing fast passage as opposed to the multiple tonguing used by classical players. He has a useful section on tricky fingering studies which you can even practise without blowing into the horn (useful when the chops are tired). Although I said that he doesn't try to teach you how to improvise, there are a few useful ideas scattered through the text. For example, after his first articulation study, he gives an example of how you might shift sections of it up or down a semitone at random when you are playing to get an "out" feeling. Putting some randomness into a fixed exercise helps you to exercise the parts of your brain that are needed for improvising without throwing you completely in the deep end. Another exercise he mentions is to play a 1235 or 1535 pattern around the cycle, alternating at random between 1235 and 1535 at random. McNeil describes this particular exercise in more detail in a 2002 journal article for the International Trumpet Guild entitled "Creative Pattern Practice" which is worth scouring the web for - it will give you a good taste of his writing style and his way of thinking about improvisation. The book also comes with a CD demonstrating some of the exercises and etudes so you can hear what they sound like when performed correctly. John McNeil is a highly respected Jazz trumpeter and his book is a classic that every aspiring jazz trumpet player should own. I love this book and use it often.
Customer Review: Great
This book is great! The articulation studies are hip and tricky, and you can actually use them in a "real life situation". There are also some interesting articles on various jazz trumpeters. I highly recommend this book.

Hotter Than That: The Trumpet, Jazz, and American Culture

A swinging cultural history of the instrument that in many ways defined a century The twentieth century was barely under way when the grandson of a slave picked up a trumpet and transformed American culture. Before that moment, the trumpet had been a regimental staple in marching bands, a ceremonial accessory for royalty, and an occasional diva at the symphony. Because it could make more noise than just about anything, the trumpet had been much more declarative than musical for most of its history. Around 1900, however, Buddy Bolden made the trumpet declare in brand-new ways. He may even have invented jazz, or something very much like it. And as an African American, he found a vital new way to assert himself as a man.

Hotter Than That is a cultural history of the trumpet from its origins in ancient Egypt to its role in royal courts and on battlefields, and ultimately to its stunning appropriation by great jazz artists such as Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, and Wynton Marsalis. The book also looks at how trumpets have been manufactured over the centuries and at the price that artists have paid for devoting their bodies and souls to this most demanding of instruments. In the course of tracing the trumpet’s evolution both as an instrument and as the primary vehicle for jazz in America, Krin Gabbard also meditates on its importance for black male sexuality and its continuing reappropriation by white culture.  

List Price: $25.00
Amazon Price: $18.25
Used Price: $7.01
Customer Review: Unusual cultural history
This book mixes jazz history, personal anecdote and cultural criticism to create a very readable and provocative history of the jazz trumpet. Gabbard's book will not replace the more detailed jazz histories on which he relies, but the reader will find interesting takes on the trumpet and black masculinity and the trumpet as the most difficult and painful instrument to play. A brisk history of trumpet-like instruments and a lively discussion of how today's trumpets are made are interspersed with chapters on Buddy Bolden, Louis Armstrong, and Miles Davis. Most other trumpeters get only brief mention. The reader looking for detailed discussions of musical movements, techniques and individual playing styles will be disappointed. But the book is full of interesting tidbits and anecdotes.

Essential Elements For Jazz Trumpet Bk/2CDs

Specifically designed to teach jazz basics to students with 1 or 2 years playing experience, but with no prior experience playing jazz. Great for individual or classroom use. Teaches the basics of swing style in a step-by-step approach using well-known songs. Improvisation is made easy starting with simple 2-measure phrases. Scales and basic theory are introduced in a simple and easy to understand approach. 2 CDÕs are included with recordings of all exercises and arrangements. Other features: 7 full band arrangements, sample solos, jazz history and people.
List Price: $12.99
Amazon Price: $12.69
Used Price: $3.72
Customer Review: Excellent Learning Tool
This is a fabulous, simple and straightforward method for learning the elements of jazz. I was so impressed with it that when I found the seconc CD in the used book I originally bought was cracked, I went out and bought another copy (for clarinet and direct from the publisher). Very highly recommended.
Customer Review: Covers all the basics for playing guitar in your high school's jazz band
This book is for learning jazz from scratch, in the context of a jazz ensemble with a rhythm section and horns. The Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble series is really good for learning how to play in the jazz style if you've never listened to jazz before. The CD will be extremely valuable for hearing (ear training) what jazz should sound like as it swings. The Guitar Edition is written for guitar, but the melodic examples are played on the CD by a horn instrument. And it's all in standard notation without any TAB. Some rock guitarists unfortunately might be turned off by the lack of TAB, but stick with it. If you're dedicated to learning jazz, reading proficiency is mandatory. To make it a little easier, everything in this book is in the concert key of Bb (only 2 flats). The comping rhythms have been adapted from keyboard comping. The piano was part of the jazz rhythm section long before guitar. Pianists are masters at accompanying. You'll learn the most common comping patterns as well as guitar voicings that fit in context of a jazz rhythm section with piano, bass, and drums. The chord voicings are diagramed, although not much theory is given so it's best to learn how chords are constructed with another book or teacher who can play jazz guitar. Blues scales and standard blues sounding tunes are presented first, along with explanations of Dorian and Mixolydian soloing. Arpeggios are explained and written in standard notation. You'll find horn players are much more adept at using an arpeggio approach to soloing than guitar players are. This is a great book for learning jazz from square one, but be very patient! This is probably at least a 2 year endeavor to assimilate all the material here.

28 Modern Jazz Trumpet Solos - B

List Price: $14.95
Amazon Price: $14.95
Used Price: $8.42

15 Easy Jazz, Blues & Funk Etudes: B-Flat Trumpet and Clarinet (Instrumental Series)

Written for a wide variety of musicians, 15 Easy Jazz, Blues & Funk Etudes will appeal to both aspiring players and to more experienced musicians. For the younger player, particular care is given to range, rhythmic figures and overall playability. The more accomplished musician will appreciate the high level of musicality, the lyrical compositions and the opportunities to improvise. Either way, the format is simple: Bob Mintzer plays and demonstrates each etude with a stellar rhythm section on the included CD. You learn each etude slowly. When ready, you play the etude with the CD accompaniment.
List Price: $21.95
Amazon Price: $21.95
Used Price: $13.78
Customer Review: Good transition book
This is a good book for the transition from reading music to improvisation. The 1st track of each selection uses a well written solo for the intermediate player with Bob playing the tenor sax lead. The second track cuts the lead solo allowing the learning improv player to play with the band on the chord changes. This is a very good book for the player looking to start learning to improv over chord changes.

The Jazz Method for Trumpet (Tutor Book & CD)

These methods provide complete courses for players off all ages, guiding students from their first note to 'classics', together with compositions by contemporary writers. Each book is accompanied by high quality rhythm section tracks recorded on compact disc. Right from the start, students can enjoy authentic jazz sounds, playing in the company of professionals. With step-by-step instruction and a progression of specially written pieces, the fundamental elements of good technique are introduced alongside the rhythmic subtleties of jazz. Improvisation is encouraged from an early stage and is given direction through the systematic study of scales and arpeggios and advice on ear-training and chord patterns. With supplementary suggestions for listening and reading, and an Appendix containing all the chord progressions for 'live' accompaniment of the tunes, The Jazz Methods are ideally suited to both students working alone and those learning with a teacher. "John O'Neill has a solid understanding of jazz and how it can be taught. I highly recommend his educational jazz materials." (Jamey Aebersold) "...a rare opportunity for a new player (or a more experienced one) to develop a really musical facility. A rare addition to the jazz improvising library." (Lee Konitz, international jazz saxophone soloist) - includes 'classics' by Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins and Horace Silver - "...very good origin al jazz tunes that students will use as stepping stones for further development... a non-jazz-playing flute teacher would probably find the book a godsend especially if students are studying GCSE music." (Steve Tayton, Jazz Journal International) Part one: The foundation Techniques * Part two: Playing the Music * Part three: Appendices
List Price: $27.95
Amazon Price: $20.40
Used Price: $31.70
Customer Review: The book is good, Amazon's service isn't.
When I placed my order for this product, I noticed later that I was charged for two books and 2 CDs. Although I was pretty sure I had only ordered one, I thought maybe I could have hit the order button twice. So, I canceled and then reordered the book/CD set. But, they still sent, and charged me for, two. While I doubt this is anything more than a technical glitch, Amazon did not respond to a note I sent about the problem and sent me both books anyway. So, beware of this if you do order it. See that they have fixed this bug before doing so. Also, I ordered a lot of trumpet and jazz books. Many of the books were very late in coming, much later than my previous orders. I am still waiting for one product. I understand that because I live overseas my shipment should take longer. But, these took much longer than usual and they split the order into several shipments. One item has still not been sent. Again, this is a reflection on Amazon's service and not the product itself. If you want to learn the trumpet from the jazz context right away, this book would be good for you. Many jazz for trumpet books require you to already be fairly proficient on the trumpet and be able to read music. This one does not. It is for the beginner. Right after you finish the preliminaries you start learning to play blues and jazz tunes. You learn about the basics of the trumpet, music reading, jazz tunes and legendary jazz players all together. The attached CD allows you to check to make sure you are sounding right and the book includes some classic jazz tunes like Thelonious Monk's "Blue Monk" and Dizzy Gillespie's "A Night in Tunisia". Also, it is not a massive book, just over a hundred pages. So, even the size makes it inviting to beginner's. In the end, I was certainly happy with the book and CD. I considered the price for one set very reasonable, but was quite irritated that I was forced to buy two. Now, I need to find a beginning trumpet player interested in jazz and make his day with an unexpected present.
Customer Review: Great book for the adult learner who loves jazz
For some reason Amazon treats all books in this series as if they were the same regardless of whether they are for sax, trumpet, clarinet, flute, etc. To avoid confusion, let me say that this review is for the trumpet version of the book. But even if you are interested for one of the other books in the series I hope that this review will at least give you some flavour of the way the series have been designed. I expect that the overall concept is the same. This is actually the first trumpet book I bought at the time I started playing trumpet close to three years ago and it seemed tailor-made for me as an adult learner with a great love of jazz. Now I'm playing trumpet in a jazz quintet so I am definitely doing something right and I really think this book was a significant help. I have never seen another book that covers so much ground nor one that has such interesting material for the beginner. You won't find any childish nursery rhymes or 18th century folk songs here! It really does start from the absolute beginner level, even to the point of telling you how to hold the trumpet and get your first sounds. At the same time, from the very first tune you are playing jazz. Most of the earlier pieces were written by the authors, but the later tunes are mainly by jazz greats, and usually trumpet players. You'll find tunes from great jazz trumpeters like Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Kenny Dorham, Woody Shaw, Freddie Hubbard, Kenny Wheeler etc. There are also some tunes from other jazz instrumentalists but the trumpeters are the clear majority in this edition (presumably the incarnations of this book made for other instruments mainly contain tunes relevant to their instrument). As the book progresses you will gradually add notes to your range, learn about jazz articulation, how to use mutes, useful jazz theory, improvisation, biographical information about jazz trumpeters, pedal tones (that's notes below the conventional range), high range playing (that's notes above high C), alternate fingerings and more. I think that even a reasonably advanced player could benefit from some of the later sections. There is also a nice CD with the book which demonstrates how all the songs should sound and has a split track so you can play along with the rhythm section. Of course it's not the only book you will ever need, however this book is a fine place to start and it contains references to many of the other books (and recordings) you may want as you progress.

Great Jazz Classics: Trumpet

29 solos, including: Caravan * Forever In Love * I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good * In A Sentimental Mood * Isn't It Romantic? * Moonlight Becomes You * Satin Doll * That Old Black Magic * and more.
List Price: $5.95
Amazon Price: $5.95
Used Price: $3.43

Trumpet around the Corner: The Story of New Orleans Jazz (American Made Music Series)

Samuel Charters has been studying and writing about New Orleans music for more than fifty years. A Trumpet around the Corner: The Story of New Orleans Jazz is the first book to tell the entire story of a century of jazz in New Orleans. Although there is still controversy over the racial origins and cultural sources of New Orleans jazz, Charters provides a balanced assessment of the role played by all three of the city's musical lineages--African American, white, and Creole--in jazz's formative years. Charters also maps the inroads blazed by the city's Italian immigrant musicians, who left their own imprint on the emerging styles.

The study is based on the author's own interviews, begun in the 1950s, on the extensive material gathered by the Oral History Project in New Orleans, on the recent scholarship of a new generation of writers, and on an exhaustive examination of related newspaper files from the jazz era. The book extends the study area of his earlier book Jazz: New Orleans, 1885-1957, and breaks new ground with its in-depth discussion of the earliest New Orleans recordings. A Trumpet around the Corner for the first time brings the story up to the present, describing the worldwide interest in the New Orleans jazz revival of the 1950s and 1960s, and the exciting resurgence of the brass bands of the last decades. The book discusses the renewed concern over New Orleans's musical heritage, which is at great risk after the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters.
List Price: $40.00
Amazon Price: $30.40
Used Price: $27.95

Trumpet Kings: The Players Who Shaped the Sound of Jazz Trumpet

This engaging book unveils the personal and musical lives of 479 brilliant jazz trumpeters, past and present, through intimate biographical profiles that describe each artistÕs unique traits, intriguing life experiences, relationships with other influential players, career milestones and key recordings. Artist covered include: Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis, Terence Blanchard, Arturo Sandoval, Red Allen, Chet Baker, Bunny Berrigan, Roy Eldridge, Freddie Hubbard, Freddie Keppard, Lee Morgan, Fats Navarro, King Oliver and hundreds of others - plus jazz figures who seem unlikely to have recorded on trumpet but did, such as Benny Goodman and Mose Allison. A fascinating read!
List Price: $22.95
Amazon Price: $20.65
Used Price: $2.30
Customer Review: This is my opinion, you make up your own.
I have to admit, I buy Scott Yanow's books because I need a laugh once in a while and cannot believe the BS this author writes who knows nothing about playing Swing, Latin, Jazz, Be Bop, you get my point. Buy a book regarding music that is written by a real professional full time musician. This will give you the real meat of what great music is all about. First off, you have to be kidding. I started to read this book and It was like researching bacteria at the local library. But it is funny like his other books. Obviously, this author has collected his information at his local county library, you know the ones that have about 500 books total in their building? What does he really know about Afro Cuban Latin or music in general and playing it on a real stage for a full time living? Nothing, according to this book. Also, have you ever heard Scott Yanow play music? Whew.............................. I've heard better one string banjo players. But that's my own opinion. First came the Birth of the artist. Then came the Afterbirth of the Critic. In our opinion, Scott Yanow cannot not play his instrument well enough to make a full time living at music, so he went to college. He read a lot of books and became a critic and a so called author. In our opinion, Scott Yanow has NO creditability writing books or reviews regarding any style of music. Read his books and make up your own minds. Someone famous once said: "Those who do, do. Those who can't become critics". Could this is the case of Scott Yanow? Rudy Gazooty of Full Time Real Music
Customer Review: Trumpet Kings
Great Book! All the greatest players are included, with a selection of their most important CDs.

Claude Bolling - Toot Suite: Trumpet and Jazz Piano

Transcriptions to Toot Suite featuring the jazz piano of Claude Bolling as well as the solo trumpet parts of world-renowned player Maurice Andre.
List Price: $47.50
Amazon Price: $31.35
Used Price: $24.99
Customer Review: Great Tune!
I have run across few pieces in the realm of contemporary trumpet literature that are as fun and as well written as Claude Bolling's Toot Suite for Trumpet and Jazz Trio. The six movements add up to a rather monumental piece that makes use of a variety of trumpets, (C, Eb, Bb Cornet, Bb Piccolo, and Flugelhorn) but alternate Bb Trumpet parts are provided. I would recommend this piece to any trumpet player comfortable with collegiate level repertoire, and at least a little experience in jazz. The "Rag-Polka" Movement of the piece is easier than it sounds. Good luck! (-: * I gave a 4 star rating because the printing I got was a little warped.
Customer Review: Great Solo-Fun stuff!
Claude Bolling's Toot Suite is a great solo piece for those players who have to play a recital, but instead of classical, want a more jazzy feel to things. This solo is really fun, but long-6 movements, and if you have them all, 5 different trumpets-C, Eb, Piccolo, Cornet, and Flugelhorn. This is a great solo though. Somewhat repetitive at times, but still fun to play.

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