I recently had a long time visitor to the site offer to give away his book entitled: The Thinking Trumpeter.  

The book was written by Gabriel Rosati, a professional musician and author of Italian/Brazilian descent.

This book was written for trumpeters, but some of the principles could be applied when playing any brass instrument.

Download The Thinking Trumpeter (PDF)

This is an overview of the content of the book.


Page # Topic

4  The Author
5  Introduction
6  The Trumpet
7   Basic Info
10 The Breathing System
13 Abdominal, Back & other Muscles
15 Embouchure-Body Posture
20 The Inhaling
21 The 7 Positions
23 The “Staccato”
27 Notes, Rests and Values
31 The Measure (or Bar)
33 The musical scale
35 The “Legato” (slurring)
36 Chromatic scale
37 Accidentals
38 The Warm-up
39 “Fluttering”
40 Fingering
43 High and Low notes
46 2nd and 3rd Intervals
48 The Tuning
50 The Rhythm
52 Solfège and Rhythmical reading
53 C Major Scale
54 Air pressure – Lips opening
56 The Harmonics
57 Emission and Holding
59 4th Intervals
61 Legato intervals = Air pressure
63 5th and 6th Intervals
64 The Sight-reading
65 7th and 8th Intervals
66 The Vibrato
67 Maintenance of the Horn
69 Suggested Methods
70 Discography
71 Major and Minor Scales Glossary

Download The Thinking Trumpeter (PDF)